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One Man And His Dory Together Will Take On The North Atlantic Ocean

Truck driver Jacob from the Isle of Wight, will take on the North Atlantic Ocean in a  traditionally built Grand Banks Dory rowing boat.

He will row out of New York retracing the 3200 mile route of the first ever ocean row that took place back in 1896 by Harbo and Samuelson. Known as the original, longest and hardest route across the North Atlantic Ocean.

For Jacob it’s an adventure that’s been stirring for a while, the opportunity to experience nature at its rawest and what it takes to survive life in this environment. Being alone at sea and facing all the emotions that go with it he hopes to take  home valuable lessons he can learn about himself, benefitting his family and life.

This will be the story of one ordinary man and his Dory taking on the extraordinary.

The row will be used to raise awareness and funds for two brilliant young peoples mental health charity’s.

I also hope to use this project as an opportunity to have an open conversation around mental health and with my own personal struggles with it.

Inspiring youngsters struggling with there own mental health to stay strong no matter what their facing, and to find the courage to reach out or help if they feel they need it.