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Jacob's Story

Born on the Isle Of Wight and moving to the Highlands of Scotland at seven, Jacob grew up with his brother Luke using the mountains as there playground.  They would spend the winter months  learning to ski, and as summer came they would tow there windsurfing boards on a home made trailer out of there village to where the loch starts and with many a dunking in the freezing waters they eventually got the hang of it.
 Leaving home at seventeen and with a love for skiing and windsurfing he spent the next five years travelling. Spending winters in the Canadian Mountains and the French alps to living in the canaries for eighteen months. He also spent a few summers driving an ice cream truck in Chicago.
At 22 he moved back to the island where he met Mary his darling wife. Now a dad to 3 gorgeous kids and recently becoming a grandpa to his beautiful  grandson River. He works as a truck driver taking waste off the island to be recycled and bringing back goods of all kind for the island.