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The Row

Ocean rowing began back in 1896.  Since this incredible achievement the North Atlantic has been attempted 56 times by solo rowers. Out of these only 22 were completed and sadly 3 were lost at sea.

To give some perspective of the challenge. To date 4000 people have summited Everest, 500 people have gone into space. Although there have been 22 solo crossings of the North Atlantic only 4 have completed the original and longest route from New York to the UK.

I’ve been inspired by these early crossings made by these brave men before modern materials were around, There boats built from wood and by centuries old techniques. These boats have been tried and tested in the conditions this ocean can throw at them, this is why I have chosen to go back to the original boat and to experience first hand what these men and there boats went trough.

The row is 3200 miles and could take up to 4 months. Ill be completely unsupported which means ill have to carry everything I need to survive the row. 

Not knowing exactly what conditions ill be facing, only from what I have read. This ocean can be fierce throwing up huge waves, big storms but can also be incredibly beautiful. Ill be putting all my Faith in the Dory and we will fully experience whatever nature puts our way.